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Payments Infrastructure

One single integration to enable and manage hundreds of payment solutions seamlessly
Enable 200 PSPs, alternative payment methods, acquirers, aggregators and antifraud providers through a single integration.
geographical expansion: enable locally relevant payment methods with one click.
Donʼt ever waste
technical effort again:
As a future-proof solution, DEUNA is the last payments integration you will ever need.
Make payment
decisions in a single place:
refund (partial and full), capture (partial and full) and void transactions through the console or via API.
Harness the power of no-code payment orchestration to optimize your bottom line
Maximize revenues: automatically retry failed transactions due to false fraud positives and network errors.
Optimize transaction costs: intelligently route transactions through the most cost-effective providers.
Minimize fraud loss: enhance security with robust anti-fraud measures, including 3DS, to mitigate chargebacks.
No code needed: simplify rule creation and edition with a no-code workflow interfaces.
Seamlessly centralize and automate payment reconciliations and data management
Automate conciliations: effortlessly consolidate data for conciliations across channels and providers, eliminating manual effort.
End-to-end traceability: gain total visibility into all events linked to an order or transaction.
Flexible filters and search: utilize flexible filters and powerful search tools to track any transaction swiftly.
Drive informed strategic choices with deep insights
Centralize KPI monitoring: consult transactions, GMV, acceptance, fraud and error codes through multiple filters and variables.
Activate real time alerts: turn on notifications when a KPI behaves abnormally.
Get all questions answered: utilize our AI engine to gain real-time responses to queries about transactions and KPIs.
Superior and personalized checkout experience
Revolutionize your checkout experience with frictionless and personalized journeys
Maximize your conversion:
Enable customers to effortlessly complete purchases, by leveraging our unique one-click-checkout experience and a multi-million user network.
Unique look & feel:
Tailor the checkout experience with colors, fonts, and logos that reflect the identity of your brand.
Enable personalized payment options:
Offer tailored payment alternatives based on customer preferences and transaction type.
Tailor error messages:
Customize error messages to provide customers clear guidance in case of transaction failures.
Build a holistic checkout experience with complementary checkout modules
Activate card on file:
Allow customers to store their payment methods for future use and subscriptions.
Provide seamless authentication:
Simplify user registration and login for a smoother user experience.
Offer seamless address management:
Recurrent customers will never have to re-submit their addresses.
Manage promotions dynamically:
Implement tailored promotions, coupons and installment campaigns centrally.
Unified Commerce
Achieve a holistic 360° understanding of customer behaviors and segments across all channels
Understand customers across channels:
Track customer behavior across digital and in-store channels.
Identify relevant customer segments:
utilize advanced and flexible tools to segment your customers based on cross-channel behaviors and individual features.
Unlock unified commerce to elevate customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth
Enrich your CDP:
Connect DEUNAʼs payments data richness seamlessly to your CDP to enhance customer profiles and targeting capabilities.
Elevate personalization and targeted campaigns:
Activate laser-focused, personalization initiatives across multiple channels to maximize sales and boost customer engagement.