Essity + DEUNA: Wellness without Barriers with Superior Payments Experiences


Essity, a global leading hygiene and health company, is setting a new standard of e-commerce success by bolstering its payment infrastructure with DEUNA. This initiative from Essity Mexico aims to strengthen its direct sales channels by providing superior payments experiences for customers, enabled by a comprehensive orchestration solution that increased sales of many of its B2C brands by more than 30%.

Challenges of a Competitive and Complex Digital Market, ¿with Fraud?

In the competitive and ever-changing digital market of hygiene and health, where e-commerce is a crucial source of sales, businesses face the dual challenge of providing frictionless shopping experiences while protecting against fraud.

According to a Zendesk report, 61% of customers would choose a competitor after a single negative experience, underscoring the complexity of the sales and retention process, and the imperative for businesses to optimize conversion rates and transaction success.

Essity's Growth Strategy

In its commitment to delivering value to consumers, Essity continually invests in digital transformation and e-commerce. Within this framework, Essity chose to enhance its payment infrastructure with DEUNA's expertise. Specifically, Essity focused on delivering a top-notch digital payment experience, enabling consumers to complete purchases in seconds through DEUNA's one-click checkout solution.

Essity also strengthened its payment infrastructure by harnessing DEUNA's payment orchestration capabilities. This solution enables Essity to create personalized transaction routing rules based on diverse variables (such as installment payment options), centrally manage promotions with gift cards, and protect against chargebacks with a robust fraud prevention engine.

These initiatives allowed Essity to increase its acceptance rate by 20%. Consequently, Essity achieved a significant sales uplift of over 30%, driven by the successful recovery of failed transactions and comprehensive enhancement of its direct sales channels.

"Thanks to DEUNA's payment orchestrator, we experienced a notable increase in transaction approvals, consequently boosting our online sales. Their platform was highly effective in optimizing our payment process, which was fundamental to our success."

Santiago Dávalos, D2C Mexico at Essity

Essity's Cutting-Edge Vision

The successful collaboration with DEUNA underscores Essity's forward-thinking strategy to lead in innovation and growth, paving the way for ongoing adaptation and improvement in the face of evolving market challenges. The partnership between Essity and DEUNA illustrates how leveraging advanced payment technologies can drive e-commerce success, enhancing operational efficiency and maximizing sales opportunities.

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