Success Story: Doto Increases Its E-Commerce Sales by 9% in Less Than Two Months with Dynamic Routing


Doto, an e-commerce company based on VTEX and headquartered in Mexico, achieved a remarkable 9% increase in digital sales in less than two months, leveraging DEUNA's dynamic routing solution. This success story underscores the powerful impact that cutting-edge payment technologies can have on e-commerce performance, as well as highlighting DEUNA's role as a key strategic partner for success.

Doto's Journey to Success

Founded in 2012, doto has established itself as a prominent online retailer in Mexico, specializing in electronics and offering a diverse product range.

However, like many e-commerce businesses, doto faced a persistent challenge: low acceptance rates for credit and debit card payments. In certain months, the acceptance rate dropped below 50%, primarily due to the stringent fraud rules of their payment processors, which significantly limited potential sales.

To tackle this issue, doto partnered with DEUNA, aiming to improve payment acceptance rates while minimizing chargebacks. In the project's initial phase, they implemented the dynamic routing solution, which routes transactions rejected by the primary gateway to a secondary gateway, addressing technical failures and false fraud positives. This initial stage focused on transactions made with cards in both single payments and monthly installments, with and without interest.

Moreover, DEUNA’s payment infrastructure enabled doto to customize routing rules using multiple parameters. For instance, they created rules to route transactions from specific card issuers through alternative gateways and established alternative processing routes based on transaction amounts and customer’s installment preferences.

Impressive results in less than two months:9% increase in digital channel sales

"Working with DEUNA was incredibly efficient. Their dynamic routing solution is highly adaptable and allows us to efficiently address business priorities, seamlessly integrating with our architecture and fraud prevention systems. Within days of implementation, we observed positive results. Achieving nearly a 10% sales increase while maintaining a healthy chargeback level is truly impressive."

Jair Vera de Córdoba, Payments and Fraud Director at doto.

A Promising Future

DEUNA and doto plan to further expand their successful collaboration. In the coming weeks, they will extend the scope of their dynamic routing solution.

“DEUNA was a great partner in driving quick results. Within a month, we will be able to process all of doto's transactions, including those partially paid with gift cards, and enable payment processing with manual review."

Jair Vera de Córdoba, Payments and Fraud Director at doto.

Doto and DEUNA expect these new developments will continue to drive sales growth. At DEUNA, we are thrilled to be part of doto's success.

This success story of doto and DEUNA illustrates how innovative payment and fraud technologies like dynamic routing can positively impact e-commerce businesses in a short time. For other companies facing similar challenges, this case demonstrates that DEUNA is a reliable partner to increase sales and enhance online payment efficiency. Our flexible and scalable payment infrastructure significantly improved outcomes for our VTEX-based partners.

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