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10 Strategies to Improve Your Checkout Conversion

Andrea Lozano

The checkout process is the final step in the online shopping journey and a critical touchpoint in the customer experience. Many businesses face significant challenges at this stage, leading to high cart abandonment rates. In fact, 70% of customers abandon their shopping carts before completing their purchase, with 20% citing the complexity of the checkout process as the main reason.In this article, we will delve into ten key strategies to streamline your checkout process and improve customer satisfaction. Implementing these best practices can help your business significantly increase conversion rates and drive higher sales volumes.

1. Leverage Clear and Region-Specific Language:

A major barrier in the checkout process is the use of language that customers don’t easily understand. Each country or region might have specific terms for the same information. For example, an ID card is called differently across various countries: "Cédula" in Colombia, "RUT" in Chile, and "DNI" in Argentina. This can lead to confusion and abandonment. About 45% of checkouts use terminology that is unfamiliar to shoppers.

2. Mandatory vs. Optional Fields:

It’s crucial to clearly indicate which fields are mandatory and which are optional. Ambiguity or confusion in this area can lead to a 30% error rate in filling out the information, as customers might leave essential fields blank or cause friction due to the re-entry of information.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Fields:

Including unnecessary fields in the checkout process creates friction and increases the likelihood of cart abandonment. For example, asking for a second surname or an additional shipping address when not needed complicates the process. Simplifying this form improves user experience and increases the chances of purchase completion.

4. Ensure Cross-Device Compatibility:

Today’s consumers shop across multiple devices, from desktops and tablets to smartphones. Ensuring your checkout process is fully optimized and works smoothly across all devices is crucial to guarantee convenience and accessibility for all users.

5. Complexity in Requesting Passwords:

Complex password requirements can be a hurdle for customers. Around 19% of shoppers abandon their carts due to hard-to-remember passwords. Providing simpler login options, such as social media log in or one-time passwords (OTP), can improve conversion rates and speed up the checkout process.

6. Phone Number Formats:

Requesting a phone number is a critical part of the checkout, but a lack of clear formatting guidelines can cause issues. Approximately 60% of checkouts do not use standardized formats for phone numbers, leading to confusion and errors.

7. Credit/Debit Card Numbers Validation:

Ensuring that entered card numbers are correct is vital to avoid transaction issues. Implementing the “Luhn Algorithm” for card number validation is essential to ensure card data is valid and consistent.

8. Credit/Debit Card Data Entry Order:

The order in which card information is requested should be logically and clearly organized, as shown on the card itself. Disorganized data entry fields can result in 33% of users making errors, such as entering the card number in the wrong field.

9. Diverse Payment Methods:

Providing various payment options is crucial to meet customer preferences. 9% of customers abandon their carts if their preferred payment method isn’t available. Including popular and reliable payment methods can significantly reduce abandonment rates.

10. Intelligent Transaction Routing:

Failed transactions are frustrating for customers, and often, they aren't given a second chance to complete their purchase. Intelligent transaction routing, which redirects transactions to another processor in case of failures, can increase conversion rates by over 20%.Optimizing your checkout process is vital for improving the online shopping experience and increasing conversion rates. By incorporating these strategies, you can reduce cart abandonment, deliver a more satisfying user experience, and achieve a more efficient online payment process.At DEUNA, we recognize the importance of these practices and are dedicated to helping you implement them effectively. With our solid expertise, we will guide you to the ideal payment and checkout solutions tailored to your business needs.Ready to take a step forward in your online business? Request a DEMO at and discover how we can help you unleash the full potential of your e-commerce platform. Your success is our priority.

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